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How to make the most of your bedroom storage

Organising your bedroom at times becomes very difficult. You fall short of place for storage. But utilising the bedroom space can bring out ample of storage options. Different storage and design solutions can create extra bedroom storage space. You don’t always need a big bedroom to increase your storage space. It is possible with the smaller ones too. Some of the possible ways to make the most of your bedroom storage are:

1. Storage Beds

Storage beds are one of the best options for bedroom storage. Having drawers attached to the frame of your bed helps in storing may item without occupying separate spaces. These drawers can be used to store plastic boxes, files, and even your clothes. Storage beds with different drawers give you the option to store many different items.

2. Storage space under the bed

However, to make the most of your bedroom space, start storing items under the bed. The space below the bed works as an ideal storage place. You can keep many items under the bed. But make sure you cover the items to save them from dirt. You can put the items in plastic boxes or cartoons before placing them under the bed.

3. Hanging Cloth Racks

When your closet becomes full, and you don’t have space in your bedroom to insert another closet, hanging racks are the best option. You can utilise the empty spaces of the bedroom to hang the cloth racks. Now, this saves your bedroom space and creates a new closet for you quickly. These racks do not use any floor space yet are an innovative solution for your closet problem.

4. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves make up a great storage option for your bedroom. Even the tightest corner of your bedroom can accommodate these floating shelves, thus utilising every space. The floating shelves mounted on the walls can be used to keep light items like photo frames, show pieces, plastic boxes, and many more.

5. Hanging Laundry Bags

Laundry clothes also occupy some floor space in your bedroom. You can free up this space by using hanging laundry bags and utilise the space for keeping other important things. Putting your dirty clothes into laundry bags and hanging them behind bedroom doors or closet doors can help in saving floor space.

6. Cork Wall

Hanging a cork wall in your bedroom can be best utilised to store your jewellery. Without using up much space, this simple idea can be sustainable for keeping necklaces and earnings that are used daily.

7. Hanging Fruit Baskets

Hanging fruit baskets are originally meant for the kitchen, but you can also utilise them in your bedroom. You can hang these fruit baskets from your bedroom ceiling or inside your closets. In these baskets, you can store plastic boxes, hats, socks, goggles, and other items in these baskets.

8. Insert a shelf above the Bedroom door

The space above the bedroom door is mostly not utilised by people. But this space can be effectively used for storing many items starting from plastic boxes to many more. By simply installing a shelf just above the bedroom door can create a storage space for you to store many things of your choice.

9. Use Bed Risers

Bed risers are a cheap way of increasing your bedroom storage. Bed risers elevate your bed and create more space under your bed to store many things. Some of the bed risers even come with electric outlets that allow you to charge your phones and laptops easily. Thinking of expanding bedroom storage space, add risers to the bed.

10. Utilise Tension Rods

Tension rods are not just for hanging curtains but can be utilised in various ways. In any two parallel walls of your bedroom, install the tension rod. Then you can hang your shoes, dress and other light hanging items and make the best utilisation of your bedroom space.

11. Hanging Hooks

Using hanging hooks can utilise the empty wall spaces of your bedroom. You can use these hanging hooks for keeping your hats, scarves, belts and other lightweight artworks.

12. Hanging Lights

Hanging lights are a smart way of utilising most of your bedroom space. Hanging lights make your bedroom look stylish. They brighten up your bedroom more at the same time utilising the unused ceiling space.

13. Leaning Ladder

You can make leaning ladders a part of your bedroom. It works as an innovative idea to make your bedroom look good. This leaning ladder also allows you to keep decorative pieces on them and hang bags or scarves from their sides.

14. Utilise the perimeter of the Bedroom Walls

The wall below the ceiling of your bedroom is the most unused space in every home. But this space can be effectively utilised for storing things. By installing shelves along the perimeter of the bedroom, you can put this empty space to work. This installed shelf creates ample storage space for you.

15. Crown Molding

Crown moldings are one of the best bedroom storage hacks. These moldings are fixed to the empty space of the walls. This can act as a good storage space for your footwear collections.

16. Headboards

Headboards are yet another storage option for your bedroom. Moreover, installed just at the top of your bed, headboards allow you to store many items. You can use these headboards to store magazines, books, and many other items of your choice.

A spacious and well-organised bedroom is what most people dream of. Even if you don’t have one such bedroom, you can create it yourself. Every bedroom can be made productive for storage with simple settings. Making smart plans for your bedroom storage can help you in utilising most of the free space. Either by adding a new thing or by making some simple changes, you can plan your bedroom storage effectively. Utilising the unused spaces effectively is another way of adding value to your bedroom. By using your imaginative and creative skills, you can surely make the most of your bedroom storage.

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