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Top five most common pests at home

The safety of our family should be our number one priority.  This is the reason why we need to make sure they are given the proper resources for security.  The most important of which is a stable shelter.  A home that could provide them safety from criminals, diseases, and of course, pests.  However, pests could be harder to keep out than the two mentioned above, especially that our homes provide many attractions for infestations such as warmth, moist, and food.  In this segment, I will be discussing to you the top 10 most common pests at home, and basic DIY tips to get rid of them.

The number one most common pest is the fly.  They are attracted to anything they can eat, and lay their eggs on.  Small as these creatures are, they are notorious in spreading various diseases to mankind.  They fly over the dirtiest places known in the environment, including animal feces and carcasses, where they pick up parasites and bacteria they can bring to our home.

The second most common pest is the bed bug.  Most people don’t even know they exist in their homes.  These creatures can hide even in plain sight, all right under our noses.  They can hide on the smallest crevices and cracks, then come out when everybody’s asleep, and it’s time to feed.  Their bite is likened to ants or mosquitoes, so they will never be suspected of anything rash.  But once unattended, they can cause skin infections, or worse, severe illnesses brought by bacteria.

Ants are the third most common pests.  Although they are very helpful in the environment, once they infest our homes, it can be very difficult to control.  Plus, you run species that can bite humans and cause fever.  This would be very detrimental to children who have sensitive skin and immune system.

Cockroaches are very common too, especially in houses where food crumbs and clutters are found.  Cockroaches are very attracted to leftovers.  They can smell even the smallest bit of crumb, and does everything they can to get it.  These creatures have no regard for personal space.  They go wherever they want, whenever they want.  The downside is, they are very difficult to catch because of their speed.  Cockroaches are also very dangerous for spreading various diseases at home.

That fifth most common pest is the mouse.  With their flexibility, they can reach even the top players of our cabinets and storage areas.  They can destroy food packaging, but holes on walls, and gnaw on electrical wirings that can cause danger to our family. In addition, they can also bring diseases through their droppings and saliva.

To control the infestation of these pests, cleanliness is very important.  Regular vacuuming and wiping of floors and accessories are vital, especially after meals.  Make sure that no crumb is left to attract these insects. Be very crucial in fixing your things to avoid clutters where cockroaches and mice can hide.  Also make sure to check dark, and unused places in your home to avoid any infestation from insects. If you do not have time to inspect your home, you can call on your local bedbugs exterminator near you

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