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Tips To Keep Your Pantry Organised

An unorganised pantry is regarded as one of the most common kitchen disasters. A cluttered kitchen and pantry can be a pain, especially when you have a long day ahead of prepping and cooking ahead of you.

At times, the sight of a messy pantry leaves you confused and you end up forgetting why you actually went there in the first place. Now, if you are unfortunately dealing with symptoms of OCD at any level, you are likely to end up exhausting yourself all the more at the sight of a cluttered kitchen.

Do yourself a favour to and avoid such a situation and the best way to do so is by keeping your pantry organised. Listed below are some quick tricks to help you keep your pantry organised:

Use Transparent Bins

You can easily find plastic and glass bins in the market and online as well. They are available in different sizes and shapes. The main reason why you should be using transparent bins is that you can easily see everything placed in it.

You do not have to skimp through the entire pantry in order to find one particular thing. Instead you can keep food items in groups in these transparent bins. Make sure that you keep similar items in one bin. For example, place all breakfast or milk products in one bin.

You can also label your containers and simplify your task.

Sometimes, you might be unsure about which side of the kitchen you should utilise as a storing space. This is when you need consult experts who can recommend an impeccable design for your kitchen in Northampton.

These experts are familiar with your cooking culture, cuisine and kitchen habits so they can suggest to you the best spots for each of your kitchen furnishings, helping you to design a functional and stylish kitchen in the process.

Install door storage

Homeowners always face problems associated with space crunch and search for additional space to store various food items. The main problem here is when you try to store tiny food packets as you do not want to waste a lot of storage space on these items.

In order to store such items you can install door storage in the interiors of your cabinet door. They can hold several tiny items together and you can easily find them when required. These include tiny packets of spices, boxes of aluminium foil, school snacks, and freezer bags.

You can also store some cooking tools in this door storage.

Make Use of Spacious Cabinets

When you ask people about their kitchen pantry they usually prefer to have a separate small space outside their kitchen. But, the best place to build your pantry is within the kitchen itself as you save time moving to and fro.

Apart from this, you get additional drawers and cabinets to store food. You can use the bottom drawers to place day-to-day food items so that you can grab them quickly!


Did you enjoy writing on the blackboard as a kid? You can enjoy the same even today by listing down your grocery and additional chores to be completed in the following week. 

The beauty of this board is that each family member can jot down their task in this list. The board can also give you reminders for birthdays, anniversaries, and such other days. You can also leave cute-short messages for your spouse, kid or sibling on this board. You can also prepare a list of tasks to de done and by whom and the person can tick them off once they are done.

If you are allergic to dirt/dust you can install a whiteboard. The best spot to install this board is on the door.

Clear storage containers

You might be brand loyal and would love to pick from your preferred brand every time you go grocery shopping. But, instead of using packaged boxes you can use glass/plastic/Tupperware containers. The biggest advantage of these containers is that you can clearly see all the items you have stored in it.

This is especially good to store flour, seeds, nuts and dried fruits. The clear glass shows you what’s in it and you pick just what you need instead of the wrong container and save yourself from another trip to pantry.

Besides, you save time as you don’t have to open the container every time to check what is stored in it and quickly move on with your preparation. To simplify your task you can label jars so that you can quickly find what you need by reading the label. This is helpful for similar looking ingredients like flours and grains because you can often get confused between them.

Yet another feature of these containers is that they look pretty especially in an open shelf setting giving your kitchen a more organised look.

If you have a small kitchen with minimal kitchen space then you can use a moveable cart as a pantry. Place all essential ingredients on the top and occasionally used ingredients at the bottom. This way, you save space and keep your pantry organised.

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