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Tips on making our outdoor signs last longer

An outdoor sign is an investment you must take care of if you want it to last longer. This is a valuable piece of advertisement that would bring you prospects. Unfortunately, the changing temperature, sun, wind, and rain can make your sign wear off. Nobody likes reading damaged or shabby signs. It doesn’t make a good first impression either.

Worry not, there are ways you can prevent damage and make your outdoor signs last longer. A little maintenance can go a long way. Here is how to get started:

  • Start with the manufacturing process
The very first tip to make your outdoor garden signs last longer is to choose the right company for manufacturing the sign in the first place. If the company you have chosen to manufacture the sign is using the right products and knows what they are doing, then you will have a high-quality sign ready.
  • Use the right slogan
Whenever you are designing a sign, you must remember that it is an investment. If you want to use it for a long time, don’t follow the fads. They are short-lived and they will make your sign short-lived. Your sign will remain a worthwhile tool only when the trend is popular. Once the trend is over, you will have to give up. Of course, it is important to keep up with the trends but make sure the sign remains practical by using the right slogan.
  • Keep the sign away from sprinkler heads
Sprinkler heads release hard water which can damage outdoor signs pretty easily. The water that keeps your garden or lawn green can leave your outdoor rusty. Make sure the sprinkler heads are away from the signs to protect them from water damage.
  • Get your trees and bushes trimmed
It is not just rain, but trees can also damage outdoor signs very quickly. If there is a tree hanging over your sign, this could be one reason your sign is becoming rusty. The rainwater stuck in the tree is to blame. Along with the rainwater comes the dirt and grime from the tree. When this dirty water drips on the sign, it leaves stains behind. It is best if you place the sign away from the trees or get the tree and its bushes trimmed to minimize the damage.
  • Add mulch beds
It is always a good idea to add a bed of mulch around the base of the sign. This would prevent the maintenance staff or landscaping crew from getting too close to your sign when they are mowing.  Adding a mulch bed creates a cushion of space so you won’t have to worry about scratches, dents, and chips when some machine is being used around the sign.
  • Get rust-proof screws
Outdoor signs get rust because the screws develop rust over time. Rainwater could leave stains on the sign by making the rust drip down. The only way to prevent this from happening is to use rust-proof screws. As the screws won’t get any rust, this will not damage your outdoor sign.
  • Don’t forget to add screw caps
Screw caps don’t just add another layer security but they make your signage look sleeker than ever. The caps basically hide the screws and make the sign hard to remove. This will make sure nobody tries to remove or steal your sign. Other than this, screw caps make your sign look by giving it a clean finish.
  • Work on the landscaping
If the landscaping around your sign is right, this will protect it even further. Pets could choose the signs as a perfect spot for a bathroom break and you would not want that happening around your signage, right? You can prevent this by adding a natural barrier. Landscaping around the sign will not just keep the pets away but also keep it nice and clean.
  • Have a touch-up paint in your reach
Even though you are taking all the measures to keep your outdoor sign damage-free, it is always a good idea to have a can of touch up paint in your storage. This would come in really handy for maintaining your signage. Your sign can become a victim of graffiti, nicks, and scratches. You can’t keep an eye on it 24/7 but you can take measures to fix such little damages.Whenever you spot such damage, all you have to do is take out the can and quickly fix the slight damages with the paint.

As you follow these tips, you will make your outdoor sign serveits purpose for a long time.


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