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Five Reasons Why you Need an Estate Agent

Estate agents are there to help you find a new property or sell your existing home. Regardless of the reasons, it's a personal decision whether to use an estate agent or complete the transactions on your own. But why do people recommend using an estate agent?

Some people choose to not use an estate agent and decide that they can perform all the requirements themselves. Even though everyone is able to act as their own estate agent through the support of online guidance, the actions include various tasks and responsibilities which most people are rarely accustomed to.

Avoiding using an estate agent may be rewarding and seen as a significant saving, however, buying/selling a property includes knowledge and experience to get the best price. However, be aware that an estate agent will take a percentage as a commission and consider how will their services be useful?


You need to know about the different types of contracts involved when buying or selling a house. You’ll want to be protected if certain conditions are not met which makes you want to cancel the transaction.

Undertaking the process on your own could result in it being more costly. Especially, if you’re denied a mortgage or a home loan, you may lose the deposit or even get into legal issues for not abiding by the contract. Sadly, there will not be any payment protection schemes to protect your investments.

Estate agents are designed to bring a wealth of experience in dealing with property exchanges. This familiarity with contracts and conditions on a regular basis will have given them the ability to know which conditions should be included in the contract, when they are not required and how they can protect you.

They abide by a code of conduct

Not all estate agents have the best intentions, but since they are professional, licensed agents, they can face legal repercussions if they fail to be honest, or try to take advantage of you. When you sign a contract with an agent, they are bound by law to act according to your best interest and not the other way around.

Also, estate agents rely on references, so if they do outstanding work, the chances are that those clients make good recommendations for their work. An estate agent will not want to affect their reputation or even risk a legal feud.

Negotiating skills

An estate agent is the best mediator when buying/selling a house. If you're buying a property, they will negotiate with the best attitude and be professional by removing emotions from the decisions.

In addition, they will be able to provide support to comment on development aspects during negotiations in a professional manner to give you the best chance of reaching an agreement.

Furthermore, any circumstance or minor difficulty that puts the whole deal at risk can be addressed by a professional on your behalf and with your best interest in mind.

Better view of the market

As professionals in the industry, they also have the training to reach a good agreement for both parties involved. As a result, they have an in-depth knowledge of the market and will use their expertise to help you find the best deal. If their client is interested in buying, they will know the market to show the best options that fit both their budget and expectations.

Saving money may not be an option

If you're still looking to perform the role of an estate agent yourself. You'll discover that the time and resources spent during the process may not be worth the support and guidance from having an estate agent. It's important to consider the problems you could encounter and then require assistance later during the process which would result in a fee.

Once you’ve reviewed your situation and made a decision whether you’re going to act on your own behalf or utilise the professional services of an estate agent, then you will be able to able to contact the relevant service providers. However, it’s important to not overestimate your abilities and the time you’re willing to dedicate as you will not want to miss your perfect new home or sell your property from your own mistakes.

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